Sunday, March 5, 2017

Hello March (and hopefully Spring soon) & our winner for this month

Hello March! 

Here in New England, it's still a bit cold (okay, today it was FREEZING!), but still, we are seeing some red robins about and also I've been watching "The Brittish Baking" show, so I might be slipping into a bit of an English/Scottish Accent (don't worry, I only try to attempt a phony one when we do our Renaissance Festivals here).

This brings me to our winner for this month.

"A world of Pausabilities" by Dr. Frank Sileo is "An Exerscise in Mindfulness).  Here is the link from -

Most kids don't realize what mindfulness is unless it comes from their parents, and these days it doesn't hurt to have a bit of it with other kids.  Even if it's not my kiddo (and oh last week he got into serious trouble and got caught not once, not twice but THREE times by the School Principal - sigh), I try my best not to parent other kids, but sometimes you can do that in a kindly or polite way without being a jerk.

I know sometimes moms (and dads) have their days with their kiddos that they just can't take the pressure of daily life or even having kids have a breakdown/melt down (which happens at certain ages), it's okay to smile or share a giggle just to break the tension in the air.

I hope this book will help your kids learn about being mindful and look forward to next month!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Our first winner of 2017!

Wow, has it been a few months since I last posted?  Sorry about that, I guess I got a little caught up in all the Holiday stuff (we have two Holidays we celebrate in our house :)).

So with no further ado, we have a new winner of our Art Cover Contest!  It's "Prince Premie"

This was submitted by Claudie Lenart (the illustratrator), isn't it precious?  The medium is Wool - which I personally never heard of, but it's really neat!  I believe this author is out of Ontario, Canada!

So, go check this out!  I think your little guys will love it!

Until next month!  Keep reading!