Saturday, September 3, 2016

Summer is all gone and School approaches - and another winner for Promoting Picture Books

Sigh, summer is all done.  Kids are heading back to school (if they haven't done so already!).

I had a pretty busy summer myself and there was an issue with my book so, now it is no longer on the shelves (I'm still processing what steps I need to take next, but don't worry, I have other plans for another book and I might re-publish it again even if I have to self publish it).

I've learned so many things about promoting picture books and I'm proud to say that I can help in some small way to promote other folks that work hard to get their works out there.

So, the winner of the September Cover Art contest was this:

Pretty huh?  I hope you all go check it out and help the kids get ready to go back to school this week!