Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Ponds of Wonder

Our winner this month is "The Ponds of Wonder", but of course, there is a story behind the story, and personally, that is my favorite - from the author:

Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce a story I wrote for young readers ages 8-13 called The Ponds of Wonder. A story which had taken root when I was in grade 7 and held a special place in my mind for a good number of years until I finally sat down and fleshed it out back in 2011. I felt it was the right time to do so and had placed a special dedication to my son, Eric, who was born with Mowat Wilson Syndrome and had fought through a number of medical issues in the first five years of his life. He lives with a severe visual impairment and shows me with each passing day the true meaning of being a father.
My wife and I are readjusting our place of residence to suit his needs and one such project will involve a new therapy room for him. Since I also believe in promoting healthy reading habits with the children of today, I would like to offer this story for your consideration. Any proceeds collected from the sale of the digital copy will be going towards helping to fund Eric's therapy room.
Here is the link to Eric's story and where we are today with our fund raiser. It would give me great pleasure to give the gift of reading to other children and, in turn, be able to help my son.
Thank you in advance.
Brian Abela