Saturday, January 23, 2016

Happy New Year (okay a little belated) and our winner for this month!

Hello everyone and Happy (belated) New Year!

I sure hope you are reading and buying picture books for your kids or for kids that might not get a chance to read picture books!

Here is our winner for this month!

These two picture books are really great as they are bi-lingual and give kids a chance to learn Spanish or English (depending on who is reading the books).  I think it also gives young kids a chance to learn another language even if it's not their main language.

A lady I work with informed me her young daughter (age 4) was watching a movie in Italian even though her main language is English and her daughter was just entranced by the movie.  

I personally love watching foreign movies with sub-titles but then my friends who do speak that language always inform me that sometimes the translations are a little incorrect or that the language is so different that the Americanized language of terms can't be translated into another language.  I know for example in my book "Journey to Jazzland" there is a lot of terminology that can't be translated.

Congrats goes to Maritza Martinez Mejia this month!  Well done!