Saturday, October 31, 2015

Congratulations goes to Cathey Graham Nickell and her book "Arthur Zarr's Amazing Art Car"

I decided to start an cover art contest a few months ago on the fan page, and this month this was the clear winner at 15 likes.

I personally love this idea and want to say thank you to everyone that voted!  I'm sure the author and illustrator appreciate all the support!

I hope you can check it out!  Her website is here!

Sunday, October 25, 2015


My name is Gia and I wrote a picture book called "Journey to Jazzland" back in 2013, which was published.  I have learned that the author must also be responsible for promoting the book.

I realized that with all the promoting I do for our events (Renaissance Festivals here in MA and I also help run other such pages to help promote other performers and merchants that I decided to also create a Facebook page to help promote other picture book authors and illustrators get the word out about the books.

The Facebook page only started last year sometime and already the support has been fabulous!

I've run a contest now and then for cover art work and the response has been really fabulous! promotingpicturebooks fan page is the fan page
Are just some of the winners!!!  And we're running a contest right now!!  The deadline to enter is 10/30/15 so enter it today!!!

This is my website for now, I'll update you all on our winner when it's chosen!