Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Hoppy Easter with Picture Books full of Colors!

I wanted to wish everyone a very happy (hoppy) Easter and blessed Passover for those of you who celebrate that (we do both).

I know a lot of kids get candy, cars and dolls, but maybe a few kids got Picture Books this year!

This colorful book is a wonderful example of what all kids would like.  It's available on Amazon at this link,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch.

Go check it out!  I hope you don't fly away until next month when we reveal who our winner is for next time!

Until then, enjoy your chocolate bunnies and Jelly Beans (my personal favorite).

Saturday, February 24, 2018

As we all go Marching On...with picture books that is

I can't believe that Spring is right around the corner!  Yay!  I know, we've had a bit of a rough winter here in Massachusetts, but I can feel the Spring air! 

In the meantime, we have a winner for Promoting Picture Books Page:

"Polar Bear Bowler"
by Karl Beckstrand and Ashley Sanborn
(WORDLESS, Sports Humor) “A charming wordless story. … Sanborn’s cartooning is full of … polish and physical comedy.” – Publisher’s Weekly. The adventures of a polar bear who hitches a ride to Antarctica. He’s never seen penguins before; to him they look like something fun to play with. Children cement vocabulary as they describe the action. (Stories Without Words series, Vol. 1 for ages 2 – 6, hard/soft/ebook) 30 illustrations,, Walmart .com, iBooks, Kobo, EBSCO, Nook, Smashwords, SCRIBD, ISBN: 978-0985398835

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Happy 2018! We start our year out hopping!

Hopping off to a great start of 2018 we hope!  Here is this months winner!

"Cami Kangaroo has too Many Sweets!" written by Stacy C. Bauer and illustrated by Rebecca Sinclair

This looks like a great book for kids to understand what it means to have too many sweets.

I have a weird kid (age now 13) who doesn't really like that many sweets, although he DOES like Cookie Dough Ice Cream...(really, who can blame him).

I hope you get hopping into reading and don't have your kids eat too many sweets!

Until next month! 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!

Well, the fact that is now already December came fast this year!  I know I get really (really) busy in the summertime, but boy this year seemed to go very quickly!

We have a winner for the cover contest!

"The Good Night Knight" by Josh Will.  This is actually a Kick Starter Campaign - which you can find here Kick Starter campaign for The Good Night Knight.

I personally love this idea since my husband and I run small Renaissance Festivals here in MA and every time I see a young boy dressed as a Knight, I always (in character) will say "Oh Good night, Knight!" and pretend to fall asleep...:)

Please do go and check it out!

In the meantime, this is my last post for this year!  I certainly hope you all have a lovely holiday (whatever it is you celebrate) and get lots of picture books for your young ones (and some older folks like them too).

I also appreciate all the support! <3 Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Fall into reading! Our winner for this month!

Wow, is it fall already?  It is here in New England!  I do apologize for not posting during the summer time.  My other live(s) get rather busy with our events we do (we do two events).  In the meantime, I'm working on ideas on how to get my picture book back out on the marketplace (hello research time!).

In the meantime, we have a winner on our Fan page! 
"Einstein & Moo and the Unexpected Visitor" by Jennifer Milius!  You can find this adorable book on at this link

If you love animals and your kids love animals this would be a great book for them.  Or if your kids aren't sure of animals yet but are curious about them, this might be a good introduction of them.

Congratulations!  Keep raking those leaves up!  Hopefully I'll post up again in early November!  Have a safe Halloween and get lots of goodies!  (Ooh, books might be a great treat for the kids this year...)

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Hello March (and hopefully Spring soon) & our winner for this month

Hello March! 

Here in New England, it's still a bit cold (okay, today it was FREEZING!), but still, we are seeing some red robins about and also I've been watching "The Brittish Baking" show, so I might be slipping into a bit of an English/Scottish Accent (don't worry, I only try to attempt a phony one when we do our Renaissance Festivals here).

This brings me to our winner for this month.

"A world of Pausabilities" by Dr. Frank Sileo is "An Exerscise in Mindfulness).  Here is the link from -

Most kids don't realize what mindfulness is unless it comes from their parents, and these days it doesn't hurt to have a bit of it with other kids.  Even if it's not my kiddo (and oh last week he got into serious trouble and got caught not once, not twice but THREE times by the School Principal - sigh), I try my best not to parent other kids, but sometimes you can do that in a kindly or polite way without being a jerk.

I know sometimes moms (and dads) have their days with their kiddos that they just can't take the pressure of daily life or even having kids have a breakdown/melt down (which happens at certain ages), it's okay to smile or share a giggle just to break the tension in the air.

I hope this book will help your kids learn about being mindful and look forward to next month!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Our first winner of 2017!

Wow, has it been a few months since I last posted?  Sorry about that, I guess I got a little caught up in all the Holiday stuff (we have two Holidays we celebrate in our house :)).

So with no further ado, we have a new winner of our Art Cover Contest!  It's "Prince Premie"

This was submitted by Claudie Lenart (the illustratrator), isn't it precious?  The medium is Wool - which I personally never heard of, but it's really neat!  I believe this author is out of Ontario, Canada!

So, go check this out!  I think your little guys will love it!

Until next month!  Keep reading!